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aerial view of large data center campus | view of large metal generator enclosure with doors open to show generator inside

Data Centers

The modern world depends on data centers. And data centers depend on us.

We are skilled and certified in designing, building and maintaining the critical technology and electrical systems in a data center.
Our unique understanding of the demands and challenges to operate these mission critical facilities allows us to consistently deliver
one of the highest levels of safety, quality, innovation, efficiency and productivity.
We deliver at every stage of every project, and throughout the life cycle of the building.

Our highly trained and qualified team identifies critical path obstacles at the onset of a project,
including pre-fabrication opportunities, long lead-time items and efficiency opportunities,
while focusing on execution excellence through project completion

Our commitment to reliability extends beyond the four walls of the data center as we also design, manufacture,
and integrate custom power solutions that deliver continuous power.

large cabling rack
rows of data center server racks
custom-engineered best-in-class non-segregated bus solutions
state of the art power delivery systems

IES provides Data Centers with these Capabilities:

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A leading national electrical contractor

IES Commercial & Industrial is a multi-faceted electrical contractor with a national presence and expertise in all areas of commercial and industrial markets. We provide design, build and maintenance services and utilize an array of project delivery methods in order to meet the unique needs of projects in numerous markets.
IES Commercial & Industrial operates nationally with multiple office locations across the U.S. Each location offers service capabilities including constant presence, critical plant shutdown, troubleshooting, emergency service, testing, and preventive maintenance.

Nationwide provider of network technology services

IES Communications provides the highest level of design, build and maintenance services for technology and communication systems. Our success across our national footprint is based on our reputation, trust and ability to solve the demanding and complex needs of our customers.
Over our nearly four decade history, people have been central to our success. Therefore, we take immense pride in our unmatched safety, training, and customer service by performing and perfecting cutting edge techniques to bring the most value to every project, no matter the size.

Provider of electrical and mechanical apparatus services and custom power solutions

IES Infrastructure solutions is a respected provider of electro-mechanical services and custom power solutions including generator enclosures and bus systems.
With exceptional engineering, custom fabrication, and manufacturing capabilities, we service and supply critical power equipment to a geographically diverse customer base. We also have strategically located service centers that provide best-in-class rewind, reconditioning and remanufacturing of electrical apparatuses, including AC/DC motors, transformers, switchgear/circuit breakers, and generators.

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