two technicians in hard hats inspecting industrial plant power controls as part of regular maintenance services

Industrial Services

We’re an industry leader in industrial services.

We repair, service, and supply electrical apparatuses of all kinds, including AC/DC motors for industrial and transit applications, transformers,
switchgear/circuit breakers, exhaust fans, pumps, compressors, gear boxes, overhead cranes, electromagnetic lifting magnets and more.

Our wide range of in-house & field services, including recondition, rewind, remanufacturing,
and predictive/preventive maintenance keep your critical equipment up and running.

two technicians providing installation and field services of power distribution equipment
worker on assembly line of an automotive manufacturing plant
technician inspecting large industrial equipment for preventative maintenance
industrial lifting magnets at metal industries, railroad or ship yards

IES provides Industrial Services to these Markets:

Provider of electrical and mechanical apparatus services and custom power solutions

IES Infrastructure solutions is a respected provider of electro-mechanical services and custom power solutions including generator enclosures and bus systems.
With exceptional engineering, custom fabrication, and manufacturing capabilities, we service and supply critical power equipment to a geographically diverse customer base. We also have strategically located service centers that provide best-in-class rewind, reconditioning and remanufacturing of electrical apparatuses, including AC/DC motors, transformers, switchgear/circuit breakers, and generators.

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